Renting out assets such as cars, trucks, or boats can be a very profitable business, but it is not without a comparable risk factor. Rental companies need a system with which they can monitor their assets in case of theft, misappropriation, or even an accident. The best solution? A GPS tracking system from Packard-J.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution for Rental Cars and Services

Renting a car to customers is both lucrative and tricky at the same time. Vehicles under the care of another are sometimes damaged, used outside of a permitted area, misused, or even stolen. If your company doesn’t have a GPS vehicle tracking system in place, you’re missing out on vital rental car protection. With the Packard-J GPS rental vehicle tracking system, rental vehicles can be monitored and found in the case of misuse or theft.

The Benefits of Using Our
GPS Tracking Platform for Rental Vehicles

Real time Tracking:

Real-time tracking keeps you aware of your asset locations and status information, and historical tracking lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. Our GPS solution also includes a complete report suite for you, so you can see your data and reports in one easy-to-read format. Locate tracked vehicles, see how far a vehicle has traveled over a period of time, keep aware of maintenance, and so much more.

Geofencing and Notifications:

Spatial fences of all shapes and sizes can be digitally set to restrict objects to a prescribed geographic region. Our GPS tracking software will send alerts to your computer and/or mobile device when a tracked vehicle enters or leaves a fenced zone.

Invaluable Details:
The little things can make a big difference, which is why we’ve paid special attention to the details of our GPS software solution. We have designed our platform with strong security features to keep your private data safe. In addition, we have included complete localization features for users to track assets anywhere in the world in their own languages.

In summary depending on the choice and specifications of GPS tracker installed you can get some or all of the following benefits.
1. Fleet Location Management
You  get real-time tracking or historical information on the vehicle location. You can monitor the movement of cars or the distances traveled, the destinations reached and the routes covered by the vehicle
2. Fuel Management
You can manage crucial elements, such as fuel information, fuel loss and consumption, CO2 emissions, refuelling locations. According to this data, it is possible to limit fuel costs, to optimize travel routes as well as to plan refuelling locations throughout the entire route. Fuel management is beneficial especially for long distance drivers and large fleets of vehicles, where fuel costs add up due to the length or the frequency of the journeys
3. Route Planning and Dispatching
You can plan routes and travel times for both short and long term distances. You or your Dispatchers get information about the exact location of every vehicle at any time, so they can plan routes efficiently
4. Vehicle Performance
Using important parameters such as fuel amount and consumption, engine temperature, speed, you can properly plan vehicle maintenance and service.
Implementing advanced analysis is possible through compatible OBD systems. However, this requires a diagnostic reporting device to be installed in the means in addition to the vehicle tracking system.
5. Driver’s Performance
Driving behaviour has a huge impact on fuel management, vehicle maintenance and road safety. Using collected data about driver’s performance such as speed, routes, timing and pauses etc. You can track if your drivers stick to the planned routes, if they make unnecessary stops and whether they respect speed limits. It is important that you take action to prevent employees from driving too fast or too slow because this can cost the company a lot of money in terms of fuel costs and speeding fines. Packard-J tracking can thus greatly help you save a lot of money because you can eliminate all unnecessary fleet services which do not directly benefit the business and optimize your drivers’ efficiency.
6. Reports and Graphs
Configurable periodical fleet management reports and graphs on vehicles performance and maintenance can save you time and avoid go through a big amount of data every day
7. Alerts and Notifications
Alerts and notifications can be set. If a vehicle leaves the planned route or zone or moves without authorization, or in other undesired events, an alarm can be triggered.
8. Theft Prevention
In addition to the vehicle tracking and the alert option, depending on the device installed you can get access to a remote control of the vehicle. So, functions such as blocking the engine and the doors in case of emergency can be implemented from an electronic device.
9. Photos on Demand
You can collaborate vehicle position with on demand photos from the car. This requires an app on the drivers phone.

Route Planning

Theft Prevention

Fuel Management

Track your assets, stay updated, and find new ways to streamline your operations so you can improve the safety, integrity, and performance of your company with the Packard-J GPS vehicle tracking system for the rental service industries.

Incorporating a GPS Vehicle Tracking System into Your Rental Company

Keep track of your valuable vehicles while they’re out of your hands with any one of the recommended devices or see our device library for more options. Install a GPS tracking device into each rental vehicle for quick recovery in the case of theft or misuse. Managers can set up geofences that alert users when a rented vehicle has moved into or out of a set geofence.

Set limits on how far a rented asset can go and be able to enforce those limits. Various sensors, such as fuel and temperature sensors, installed along with the tracking device also monitor the condition in which your vehicles are operating. All of this data is sent conveniently to your designated computers and/or mobile devices through the Packard-J GPS tracking system, so the right people can know exactly where your assets are and how they’re running at any time.


GPS Tracking Sensors

  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Remote Engine Shutdown
  • Door Open/Close Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Fuel Sensor
  • Voice listen in
  • SOS/Panic buttons