Our tracking platform is feature packed. A wide range of features is on offer depending on the type and specification of the actual GPS device a client has or buys. GPS devices come in a wide variety of configuration. The Packard-J tracking platform is designed to accommodate most GPS Device Features. See supported devices for details.


Easy to use, mobile friendly and feature rich user interface. Monitor thousands of targets in one account. All tasks performs instantly due to optimized software core.

Features Demo

Child tracking and location

Know where your child is
See all your child’s locations, routes & even transit speed
Configurable location updates up to every 12 seconds with live tracking
Keep historical data up to 90 days including locations, speeds, and all other events.
Get an alert when your child leaves/reaches home, school or church.

Car(s), Assets and Machinery

100% Web-based and can be viewed from any iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC as long as you have access to the internet.
Real Time GPS locations 24/7/365
Turn by turn location updates
View stops, parked locations & durations in Satellite or Google Maps street view
Risky Driver Behavior Alerts (speeding, fast acceleration, harsh braking, engine idling)
Additional Text & Email Alerts ( After hours driving, leaving certain areas.)
Vehicle maintenance alerts